Initially the idea was to create a virtual gallery space where people looking to buy their first photographs could find serious work at an affordable price. The lack of a physical space and employees meant there would be little to no expenses outside of the hosting of the website. This in return meant I could offer to sell work for artists without charging commission.

All of this still rings true, but I've also decided to expand some and offer alternatives for collectors. For that reason you will find a small selection of vintage prints here with more fun stuff to come. By not relying on commission from sales I can present and promote work that resonates with me personally and that I want to share.

The gallery will develop over time. and by following our blog or Facebook page you can stay updated on changes. If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you. 

Take a look around, share with friends if you like what you see and I hope to see you come back again and again.

Dan Skjæveland